Functional Evaluation


  • Orthopedics is by nature, reactive and waits until there is a problem before intervention.
  • All athletes have movement, strength, and flexibility issues, whether or not they are currently experiencing injury or symptoms
  • As primary care sports medicine providers our highest priority goal is a reduction of injury risk.
  • Functional Evaluations provide an avenue to identify these problems and intervene to promote both injury resilience and performance enhancement
  • Our providers can link you with other sport-specific healthcare specialists aiming at correction of movement deficiencies while developing a plan tailored to your sport.
  • We create a mechanism to identify, evaluate, treat and re-asses biomechanical imbalances associated with conditioning and performance of sport. This includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation placed in the context of where you are in training, injury history, and functional capacity. We believe that periodized, goal-directed, athlete specific intervention throughout the year is key. We integrate data collection methods including slow motion movement video analysis to identify on-going targets for intervention
  • This is a way for patients to utilize their insurance to become connected to a greater fitness network aiming to optimize performance. The goal is sports performance not at the expense of your health but with your health in mind! We shouldn’t wait until the doctor becomes the only next step!
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