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Running Rehabilitation


Running Performance and Rehabilitation programs

Whether you’re an elite runner or a novice, the physical therapists at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine can help you improve your performance while preventing injury. We assess all aspects of your running, including training days and programming, nutrition, running mechanics, strength and flexibility, footwear, shoe orthotic inserts, and injury susceptibility.

Our experts assess your running technique and offer recommendations to improve your performance and help prevent injury.

What to expect

The PSFM Running program is based on the latest research on endurance running. Our experienced team of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and physicians provides specific recommendations designed to help you achieve your running goals. During your assessment, you receive the following one-on-one evaluations.

Running Analysis

We record a high definition video of your running, viewed from the front, back, and sides, and then use motion analysis software to determine how your running mechanics affect your performance.

Foot and Ankle Assessment

We use a series of tests and measurements to identify factors that may improve your running efficiency. Recommendations are given on the appropriate running shoe and, if necessary, orthotic inserts.

Strength and Flexibility Assessment

You complete a series of tests and measures designed to identify asymmetries and imbalances that can increase your risk for injury. Recommendations for improvement are provided.

Training Program Review

You meet with an exercise physiologist to review your current training routine and develop strategies to improve your performance, decrease the risk of injury, and maintain your running routine for years to come.


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