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Prevention and treatment

We work with physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other healthcare providers to treat acute injuries and other health conditions. We strive to prevent injuries and illness through fitness and wellness.

The board certified physicians at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses as well as practice preventative medicine. They also treat injuries in active individuals such as injuries of the joints, muscles and bones.

Evidence-based orthopedic medicine


Whole Care

Our doctors help patients manage chronic disease, often coordinating care provided by specialists. Many of our patients express interest in alternative therapies such as herbal supplements, acupuncture and massage therapy; we encourage patients to explore these options in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to helping patients maintain and improve their health with an emphasis on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles. In addition to diagnosing and treating medical illness, we provide a variety of preventive care services.


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"Dr. Lev has kept me healthy for over 30 years. He is a very caring, dedicated, down-to-earth, and easily accessible physician, who gives you all the time you need in office visits."

Al S.

Health Pioneers


Originally founded by Richard Levandowski M.D. in 1989, the practice is now under the leadership of Peter Wenger M.D. Over the last few years, we have added Cara Barlis M.D., Richard Kim M.D., Jennifer Lhost M.D., and Lauren Eisenhauer A.P.N.

Our staff ensures that each patient is focused on their recovery and continued wellness. Our team of physicians diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, perform annual/sports physicals as well as perform health assessments, immunizations and other screenings.