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Here's How to Know If You Could Benefit From Physical Therapy

Here's How to Know if You Could Benefit From Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) offers an excellent treatment option for many people. It incorporates a range of all-natural approaches designed to reduce pain, improve flexibility, build strength, increase functionality, expand range of motion, improve blood flow, and support the body’s healing process.

At Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, P.C. of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, our expert PT team works with each patient to create a customized PT plan that addresses their specific needs and goals. Our patients appreciate the individualized care and personal approach our physical therapists provide.

Perhaps you are wondering whether you could benefit from physical therapy. In this blog, we offer some helpful context about PT and explain some of the considerations our team takes into account when referring patients for PT. Read on to see if PT might be the right approach for you.

A multimodal approach

PT at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine takes a multimodal approach personalized to your medical and physiological needs.

The type of PT treatments you receive also depends on your goals — for example, if you experienced a running injury, our team will choose treatment modalities designed to prepare you to resume your running regimen.

Our multimodal approach can include a wide range of treatments, such as:

To determine the type of treatment that would benefit you, our physical therapists consult with your primary care team, meet with you for an evaluation, and discuss your symptoms and goals. 

After considering this information, our team plans your care, including the type of PC modalities you’ll receive, and creates a recommended care schedule.

Remember, PT is most effective when you follow all of your physical therapist’s recommendations, including performing any prescribed at-home exercises or stretches.

Is PT right for you?

You may benefit from PT if you:

Schedule your PT evaluation

If you’re interested in exploring whether PT is the right choice for you, our primary care providers invite you to schedule an evaluation. To make an appointment, call our office at (609) 248-6520 or request an appointment online.

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